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Be A DJ For A Day

Your day will take place at the private recording studio of Hip Hop DJ, composer and producer, Burt Blackarach. There, you'll learn the basics of DJing -- depending on your skill level. To end the day, you will dig through Burt's personal collection for a goodie you should have in your stash!

Get Spinning


For the first time, Burt Blackarach is sharing his priceless collection of Rare Groove & Hip Hop unreleased tracks, vintage demos and rare gems by legendary musicians…and the fascinating backstories behind them. Burt’s DJ set delves deep into the underbelly of the recording industry — that only he has access to.

Take a Musical Journey

Burt Blackarach is an incredibly prolific and talented DJ and music producer. His extensive and richly diverse musical knowledge, plus his warm personality make him one of the most unique and special artists within his craft.

-Kevin Weaver, President Atlantic Records, West Coast